Nov 16, 2008

Bob Hall - 11.12.08

This was from the "West Winds are comin, bouys @ 9 feet the night before, probably gonna be the best day in November, gotta call in sick", day that never was @ BHP 11.12.08 ...
I shot 20 mins of tape btw 8:15 to 9:15 then said screw it I wanna surf, and hopped in my top and got on it... This was about a 7 hr. edit with After Effects, and Premiere CS3 used... shot on my VX2100... proving SD isn't dead... HD just kicks ass...

Note: alot of far off shots, since i didn't try to gain access on the pier past the gate, since fellow videographer, Matt Poole aka "stern" was shuffled off by police last month for trying to make some art.... however on this day I give mad props to GSCOTT using a wonderfully executed duck and shoot, stay low strategy, that produced some nice pics... you can check em out on

BIG THANKS TO for the hype...

thanks gscott for the pic..... check out all of gscott's work @ killer stuff

ENJOY this quick flick.... B$

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